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About Us

Rotobash is founded by professionals from fields as diverse as engineering, management, medical and healthcare, mainly drawn together by their common love and passion for the game of cricket, and a zest to develop a unique fantasy sports platform providing improved and un-matched new experience to Indian fans in fantasy cricket.

Rotobash provides an exciting new platform to all cricketing fans to test one’s cricketing knowledge, insights, know-how and skills, to live the excitement of forming and owning one’s team, the thrill of competing and winning as per one’s teams ranking vis-à-vis other fan’s teams.

Rotobash, unlike the majority of other portals offering a single type of pre-set game, offers 4 different types of preset games, namely Max Score, Max Boundary, Fast Score and Max Bash. The choice of these games, involves low to high level of user skills, offers easy to hard level of challenges, demands almost from nothing to continuous user attention all through the game, and presents thrill of winning not just a part but possibly the entire pool of prize money (aka jackpot!!).

In Max Score, the person with the maximum score wins.

In Max Boundary, only the boundaries scored by actual players count towards the score, and the one with the highest score wins.

In Fast Score, the portal sets a target score before the game begins, and whoever reaches that target score in the least number of balls faced, wins the entire game. In such game, batting order of one’s team is an important aspect in deciding the number of balls faced and the related team score, which a user has to judiciously set prior to start of the game. There could be instances, where no one achieves the target score, and then all the prize money is distributed equally to all the players. On the other hand, there could be instances, where only a few achieve the target score, then all the prize money is pro-rata distributed among the winners; this unique feature lends Fast Score an aura of “Winners takes it all”, providing winners possibly a wind-fall potential.

Special rules apply in Max Bash, rules for team selection and substitutions. In this game, team’s batting score is counted only for the balls faced up to equivalent of an innings’ maximum number of overs. Balls faced and respective score is counted in the order of batting order set by the user, wherein user also has an option to skillfully move in-coming batsman to different batting order as the game progresses. This aspect of dynamically change the batting order during the live game, makes Max Bash uniquely engaging and continuously exciting all through the course of the game.

We really hope that you would find our unique offerings exciting, so without wasting most time, choose your favorite games and start playing now!

With the wider and varying range of games at a single portal, coupled with features of my wallet, complete view of transaction history, in-app notifications, and live scoring and ranking all thru to game completion, we believe makes Rotobash a portal of choice for you.

We at Rоtоbаѕh are committed to continue to innovate and соnѕtаntlу provide our user with the uрdаtеd offerings; аnd you wіll аlwауѕ find thе best at Rotobash when іt соmеѕ tо online gаmіng.

Our mission is to take amateurs and top professional players on a journey to help achieve their personal best at their chosen sport. Who knows how far that could be, just play and win daily.

We are currently located at 611, Reliables Pride, Anand Nagar, Jogeshwari (w), Mumbai, 400102,  INDIA .