Fantasy Cricket Tips – Guidelines

20th Jun, 2019


The cricket buff need not worry. At times his home team is not up to the mark. Or still, the cricket enthusiast wants to relive his fantasy. He wants his team, his country to win at all times. So the answer is a fantasy cricket league.

It is an online game, where a virtual team consisting of real cricket players are created by the user. The points are based on how the players perform in real life matches. The players need to get maximum points on the board. Thus, the dream team wins. Check out these fantasy cricket tips and guidelines on Rotobash Fantasy Cricket App and make your own fantasy cricket team.

The process of playing fantasy cricket is as under:

  • Select A Match: Select any of the upcoming matches from any of the current or upcoming cricket series.
  • Create Your Team: One should use his knowledge of cricket and play the game.
  • There are credits taken. On that basis, one chooses his own team eleven. The initial budget is saying, 100 credits.
  • Join a Contest: Any contest one would like to join
  • Follow the Match: Its important to follow the game
  • Withdraw your Winnings- The amount you earned can be withdrawn at will


One should hone up his cricket skills. In order to make money, the team selected should be the winner’s team. There are the number of ways to earn money. Once you sign up there is an account verification process. The money earned will be credited to the users account immediately. The process of player selection is explained below. Please select any upcoming match from the list of ongoing or any upcoming cricket series. The user needs to click on ‘Create team’ button. The user needs to create the team by picking 11 players. The initial budget is 100 credits. The players need to be selected in order of utility.

  • WK- Wicketkeeper
  • BAT – Batsmen
  • BWL – Bowlers
  • AR – All – Rounder’s


The player needs to be checked by clicking on the player info. The players need to be sorted as per their teams, credits or points .One should be watchful and need to follow the players added to one’s team. Be careful about available credits. The user needs to use the credits sensibly. Watch the deadline for team submission which is very important.

Now the next step is to select the team’s Captain & vice Captain.

One can create up to 6 teams and can join contests with any of the team created.

How to manage one’s team?

One can make any number of changes to his team, till the deadline of that match.The captain and Vice-Captain can also be changed, but need to ensure before the deadline of the match. To make changes to the team, the user needs to select the ‘Edit button’.

The important part is to be watchful of the players and uploading the sessions every time.

The points system

The captain will receive 2 times the pins and the Vice- Captain will receive 1.5 times the points

  • Substitutes playing on the field will not be awarded points for fielding.
  • Transfer of real-life players in between the game is not allowed.

Money transfer and accounts procedure

The user can click “My Account” link. Post the account verification process the money will be transferred to one’s account.

He may get Bonus credits at times, which can only be used to play other games.

Playing Fantasy Cricket is very exciting. Don’t wait any longer, just sign up and start playing!

Also, visit our how to play fantasy cricket section to learn more about the game.

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