How To Play Fantasy Cricket Game | Rotobash

How to play fantasy cricket

Playing at Rotobash just takes following simple steps:

  1. Select Match
  2. Select League, Select Contest
  3. Create Team, elect Captain and Vice-Captain
  4. Set Batting Order
  5. Pay and enter the Contest
  6. Watch Live your team Play and Compete
  7. Reshuffle Batting Order/Use Substitute

1. Select Match

App offers skill-based fantasy games in cricket, based on single matches in T20 and ODIs. Matches in the Fantasy Cricket App, are listed by series or championships, user can either directly click on the match to select a particular match or search for the match by series in the drop-down menu. Further, in the App, matches may be listed in two categories as Current or Upcoming. Current matches are the ones, which a user currently can select and enter or register in a contest for playing. Upcoming matches, are mainly for the information on future possible matches and are not yet open for user participation.

The timer on a match indicates the time remaining for the user to participate in a fantasy contest for the match. After the lapse of indicated remaining time, any contest not participated by a user would expire and no longer be available for selection/participation by the user.

User should select a match for participation expeditiously lest contests/match should expire or in case of tie of scores user end up with a lower rank, wherein ranks are determined in chronological order of time stamp of registration for the match/contest, for the users with same scores.

2. Select League, Select Contest

App offers users choice of different types of fantasy games for a match, these fantasy games are designed to test and appeal to varying level of user skills. Such games are referred at the portal as leagues; leagues of similarly skilled users. Currently, portal presents 4 types of pre-set leagues: Max Score, Max Boundary, Fast Score and Max Bash.








Create Team





Select Captain and Vice-Captain





Create Batting Order





Select Substitute





Amend Batting Order as Match​​ Progresses






In higher skilled leagues, Fast Score and Max Bash, batting is restricted to only one inning or to an inning’s equivalent overs; therefore, user has to decide a batting order, batting related points in these leagues are counted until the cumulative balls faced by the players through the set batting order does not exceed an inning’s overs, that is 20 overs (120 ball faced) for a T20 match or 50 overs (300 balls faced) for an ODI match. In Fast Score, user can only set or edit the batting order until the start of the match or closing of the user registrations for such match. While in Max Bash, user could change the batting order also while the match is in play, by switching the players along the batting order. Other leagues, Max Score and Max Boundary, are played on un-restricted batting basis, where a user’s team simply could bat any number of overs (no limit on balls faced) during the match.

In Max Score, Max Boundary, and Max Bash, users have to maximize their team’s score to win, on the other hand in Fast Score, users have to achieve a set target score in minimum number of balls (minimum number of balls faced by the batting order) to win.

For every fantasy cricket league, App presents a number of contests for the user to select and play fantasy cricket. User can select a combination of league and contest for a match to play. Once decided on a league of preference, user can select the league from a drop-down menu, to sort the contests for that particular league, and then can select the contest of choice.

Contests are designed to provide users an array of choices in terms of entry fee, competition (chances of winning), and size of the winnings.

A contest becomes active, once the required number of teams/users have registered for the contest, and until such time the contest remains inactive. As users join an active contest, prize money and number of possible winners for the contest continue to increase keeping the winning chances same.

If a contest remains in-active or it does not become active till the registration cut-off time, then the entry fee for such contests is returned to My Wallets of the participating users.

3. Create Team


Once user has selected a contest to play, user ought to create his/her winning team.

User must create a winning team keeping in mind the league he/she has chosen to participate:







Maximize combined Bat and Field Score



Maximize Bat Score


120 Ball Faced for T20, and

300 Ball faced for ODI

Maximize combined Bat and Field Score for first 120​​ Ball Faced for T20, and first 300 for ODI


Target Score of 300 points​​ 

Achieve Target Score in the minimum possible Ball Faced



For achieving the above, user has to skillfully create the team meeting the following criteria (a) 100 points credit, (b) team mix, and (c) players combinations; the criteria validation is built into the App, user shall be guided/prompted during the player selection so to meet the set criteria.

100 Credits Criteria

Each player has credits pre-assigned by Rotobash, based on assessment of the players’ historical performance. User while creating the team, has to ensure that the sum of credits across the chosen 11 players of the team, should not exceed given budget of 100 credits.

App also provides historical statistics on various players to assist users in making their decisions about selecting players and creating a team.

Team Mix Criteria

User has to create a fantasy team based on the real-world team players; user has to select minimum 4 players from a real-world team and a maximum of 7 players.

Player Combination Criteria

There would only be a certain combination of players (batsman, baller, wicket keeper, and all-rounder) permissible, and such shall be mentioned on the team selection page. User to create his/her winning teams meeting one of the permissible combinations.

After selecting the 11 players for the team, as above, user has to select a Captain and Vice-Captain; Captain would earn 2x the points and Vice-Captain at the rate of 1.5x the points.

For Max Bash and Fast Score, user can set the batting order by drag-and-drop the players.

For Max Bash, user can also select a substitute which user could use at the end of the match to maximize its team’s score.

Once the team is created, user must save the team.

4. Set Batting Order

Set-Batting Order-Rotobash

User needs to set a Batting Order for Max Bash and Fast Score. Players can be moved up and down along the batting order by hold-and-drag mechanism in the App. Batting Order is counted serially from top to bottom.

For Max Bash, batting points are counted for only first 120 balls faced for T20 and 300 balls for ODI (120 or 300 as the case may be, the “Ball Limit”). Ball Faced are counted as cumulative count of balls faced by the players in the fantasy team, counted from the top to the bottom of the batting order. As long as such cumulative count of the balls is within the Ball Limit, batting points are counted for the players and considered towards the team score, otherwise for the balls faced exceeding the Ball Limit no batting points are considered for the players and the team. Such batting score which is subject to a Ball Limit is referred in the App as Net Bat Score.

Similarly, for Fast Score, Ball to Target, are ball faced counted in the order of set batting order until cumulative score reaches the target of 300 points.

In Max Bash, batting order could be amended during the match, by switching players in the batting order. While, in Fast Score batting order set at the team creation remains fixed for the match.

5. Pay and Enter the Contest

Upon completion of creation of team or saving of the team, user shall be prompted for the payment which user can make from My Wallet if there is an adequate balance on the required credits, otherwise user has the options to buy/add additional credits.

User will have to make the required payments, in order to register for the contest and play.

6. Watch Live your team play and compete

In My Contest, user can select a contest to view the current score of its team; for a live match, team’s score and the its rank gets updated/refreshed automatically as the match progresses.

To view competing teams, user can go to leader board and click any other user’s name to view its team, and its player wise points any time during the match.

7. Reshuffle Batting Order/Use Substitute

Look at you team player and competing team perform ball by ball, and decide to switch batting order for improving your score and winning chances. User can switch batting orders for only those players who are yet to play or are yet to get out.

The user gets the chance to use Substitute within the 10 minutes of completion of the match.

The above option is available only for Max Bash.