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Getting Started

1. What is RotoBash all about?

RotoBash is a Fantasy Sports portal currently offering fantasy cricket for Indian cricket fans. Just select your fantasy team in a league of your choice and follow your team’s progress in real time to add to the excitement of winning real cash prizes!
Simple Steps to play on RotoBash:
• Pick a contest from the contest list
• Create your team. You’ll need to pick players at all the positions within the virtual budget of 100 points. A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 from either team
• When the game starts, sit back and watch the real time stats roll in
• May even pick a substitute player/12th man, so to be able to substitute with any player within the team at the end of the game in a 10 minutes window according to the rules of the game
• The team that scores the most fantasy points is the winner and gets the cash prize paid straight into your bank account

2. How do I register?

Sign-Up on https://www.rotobash.com and create your free account OR use your Facebook or Google account to log-in and complete the profile

3. How do I get the mobile app?

We have mobile apps for both Android and Apple phones, available free for download and installation. You could visit our website https://www.rotobash.com , from where you can directly access the download link or could enter your mobile number to receive the link directly on your mobile.
For IOS, users can also search for rotobash app in Apple Store.

4. Downloaded the app, but not able to find and install?

Look for “rotobash.apk” in the download section, click on it for installation; in case prompted trust the source and enable/allow the installation.

5. How do I get in touch with the support team?

All queries can be emailed to support@rotobash.com; We will try our best to revert with 2-3 hours during business hours and typically within 24 hours otherwise.

6. I am unable to access my account/ I have forgotten my User ID?

Your user id is your email id; if still need further help please write to us on support@rotobash.com

7. How do I change my password?

Simply login to your RotoBash account & click on your Username displayed on the top righthand side of the page:
• Select ‘Change Password’ from the dropdown menu
• Type your ‘Current Password’ under ‘Old Password’
• Enter your ‘New Password’ and confirm the same
• Click “Change Password”

8. I did not get any confirmation email after I signed up?

• Check the Spam folder of your mailbox, you may likely find the confirmation email there; or
• Alternatively, it is possible that you may have entered an incorrect email address during registration.
For further assistance, please email us at support@rotobash.com

9. How can I receive updates on latest contests/ upcoming events?

You will receive all updated information on your app as notifications. We may also send details of key promotions through SMS.

10. Can I create multiple accounts on RotoBash?

Creating multiple accounts on RotoBash.com is strictly prohibited. To ensure a safe and transparent gaming experience for our users, duplicate accounts will be blocked and users will forfeit all funds in these accounts.

11. I am facing issues logging into my account?

Users can login to their account using their email address & password. If your email address or password is not being accepted, make sure that the email address you are using is the one attached to your account. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset your password.

12. Can I update / edit my information?

To edit your profile information, log in to RotoBash.com. Go to User name on the top right corner. You will be able to update/edit your Full Name, Mobile Number and other details.

13. I don’t know much about cricket can I still play?

Believe us – not playing would be a crime (seriously!). We have regular free contests (Freerolls) for beginners with no prize money which are a great way to learn the tricks of Fantasy Sports. Give it a shot, who knows you may know more about cricket then you give yourself credit. For free tips and strategy articles on upcoming matches, visit the Blogs on our site RotoBash.com.

14. How do I invite my friends to RotoBash for sign-up?

You could go to “share” in the drop-down menu, and use the provided share links or other sharing options available at your mobile device.

15. Why do I have to share the promo code, or what do I get through referral program?

Both you and your friends receive bonus credits in respective My Wallets, once your friends sign-up using your promo code. Please share your promo code and earn free credits on sign-ups by your friends.

Please check the app/portal for the details on free credits earned on sign-up by friends, details available under “Share” in drop-down menu.

16. What if I don’t have a PAN card?

As per the company policy, PAN card is mandatory for each user. In case you have not entered/ uploaded the PAN card details, we will not be able to complete the verification process and credit any winnings requiring TDS (i.e. winnings in excess of Rs. 10,000 for a contest) into your My Wallet account on the portal.

17. What if I have not updated my bank account details in the profile?

If there are no bank account details provided in the profile, we will not be able to transfer any winnings from your My Wallet to your bank account, thus winnings shall remain at the portal in your My Wallet.

18. I have not received my cash prize after winning a contest?

Winnings get credited to your My Wallet (subject to your PAN details and verification) within 72 working hours, following completion of a match/contest.
Once your bank account is verified, the winnings will be transferred to your verified bank account, automatically in next processing cycle within about 10 working days.
If winnings still don’t get reflected either in My Wallet or your bank account, may like to please check you “suspense account”, amounts may be held up for want of your PAN details.

19. Can I utilize winnings balance in my wallet to play at the portal?

Yes, you could use and pay against the winnings available in your My Wallet, to play or enter any contest at the portal.

20. I am not able to reconcile my current balance with the money I transferred to Rotobash?

Please search for the transaction history between any two dates in My Wallet, will get a list of all the credits/debits from the opening date to the closing date, helping you to tally your resultant closing balance.
In case of any discrepancy, please feel free to write us at support@rotobash.com

21. How can I play among my friends and family only?

You can create your own private contest in rotobash.com; share the contest code with your family and friends, to select your created private contest with the code and play.

Payments & Withdrawls

1. I want to know the modes of payments?

You can transfer money to the portal (in your My Wallet) using any of the credit cards, debit cards or net banking through most of the Indian Banks. We are currently using “PayU” as our payment gateway partner.

2. Are there any limitations on cash transfers to my account on the portal?

There is a limit on the amount that you can add in your account. Please note that you are not allowed to maintain a balance of more than INR 50,000 at any given time.

3. I want to withdraw my winnings, please suggest the procedure?

All your winnings are automatically transferred to your mapped bank account in the next processing cycle. For us to be able to transfer the winning, you should maintain correct details for your valid and active bank account at the portal. If not, winnings shall remain in My Wallet until these are processed and transferred to your mapped bank account.

For withdrawal into your Paytm, please update your bank details in the profile, as under:

Bank Account: 91 followed by your mobile number/wallet no; for example if your mobile number is 1122334455 then enter your account no as 911122334455

IFS code: please enter PYTM0123456

4. I tried joining a contest but was unable to do since the deadline was over and yet balance got deducted from my account?

Email us at support@RotoBash.com and we will process the refund within 24 working hours.

5. What is the TDS policy at RotoBash?

As per section 194 (B) of the IT Act, all winnings exceeding INR 10,000 for a contest will be liable for a 30% TDS deduction. The TDS certificates will be available at the end of that financial year.

6. How do I add Money in my account?

Go to “My Wallet”> “Add Cash” from the dropdown menu; enter the amount you wish to transfer and click “Pay Now” and complete the payment procedure.
Or alternatively may simply click on “+” against “My Wallet”, if using web, for the above.

7. Can I withdraw from My Wallet?

At this time, no withdrawal requests are allowed from My Wallet; though any winnings in the account are automatically transferred to the users.

8. What is the minimum withdrawal amount for the winnings?

There is no minimum, any winnings net of the processing charges is automatically transferred to user bank account.

9. I have balance free credits (Roto Cash). Can I withdraw the amount?

User can’t withdraw from My Wallet any amounts transferred or earned in free bonuses, credits, etc. Any winnings in My Wallet shall be automatically transferred to user bank account.
Any balance in My Wallet could be used to play games at the portal.

10. I am from Assam/Odisha/Telengana and have played paid contests. Can I withdraw the amount?

Unfortunately, no you cannot withdraw. RotoBash reserves the right to forfeit all funds in the Account and close the account.

11. How do I withdraw winnings into my Paytm account

For withdrawal into your Paytm, please update your bank details in the profile, as under:

Bank Account: 91 followed by your mobile number; for example if your mobile number is 1122334455 then enter  your  bank account number as 911122334455

IFS code: please enter  as PYTM0123456

Games and Contests

1. How can I join a contest on RotoBash?

Please visit the portal and refer “how to play” section under Help, where you shall get detailed information on playing at RotoBash.

2. How do I know that I have successfully joined a contest?

You shall receive an in-app notification confirming your joining of a contest; further you shall be able to see your contests with their current status in “My Contest” section of the portal.

3. Where do I see the rank-wise winnings for a contest?

By clicking on “join” button on the contest, you shall be directed to the next page (“select your team” page); on this page on the top right corner you could see the rank wise winnings distribution.
And for the contest already joined, in “My Contest” by clicking on “prize” action button, user would be able to view the rank-wise winning distribution.

4. Where do I see the target score to be achieved for Fast Score contests?

On clicking “join” button for Fast Score contests, on the next page of “select your team” in top left corner, user can see the target score under contest details. Accordingly, as per the target score challenge, here user can create own winning team.

5. When does a contest start for a match?

The Fantasy contest begins as soon as the live match starts.
The deadline to register is usually up until the scheduled start of the match; time remaining for user registration, is indicted by the timers on the matches.

6. What is an Active or In-Active contest?

A contest becomes ”Active” when it has been joined by the minimum number of teams/users as mentioned for the contest; only Active contests go live during the match. On the other hand, In-Active contests are the ones for which minimum required teams have not yet joined, and thus may not go live when the match starts.

7. What happens if I joined a contest and that remains In-Active upon the start of the match?

For contests joined and remained in-active, any fees or payment made by the user for joining such contests shall be returned/refunded to users’ My Wallet.

8. If I don’t see the refunds for my In-Active contest in My Wallet?

This is an unlikely scenario, sometimes it may take few hours to reflect; however please write to us on support@rotobash.com for any such discrepancy, we will expeditiously address the same.

9. How do I create a team once I have selected a contest?

Once you have selected a contest of your choice, you will need to pick your ultimate fantasy team for that match. If you have ever thought you could do better than the experienced pros, here is your chance to prove it. All you need to do is view under “My Contests” and watch your chosen players destroy the competition. Please remember, you need to select 11 players within virtual budget of 100 points. Do visit “how to play” section at the portal for detailed information on the scoring rules.

10. I’ve spent my entire budget before selecting all 11players; How do I complete my Fantasy Cricket Team?

That’s the challenge! You need to create your Fantasy Cricket Team within the credit budget (100 points) as given to you. You are required to shuffle your fantasy team, in order to fit within the budget. We are sure you can do it!

11. Can I choose cricketers from one cricket team only?

Unfortunately, NO. We only allow a maximum of 7 cricketers to be selected from one cricket team. You have to create a Fantasy Cricket Team with a combination of cricketers from both the playing teams, your team has to be a virtual/fantasy team, not matching with any real team.

12. I just noticed that certain players from the official squad are not available for selection, or marked under different role at the portal?

We use experts and third-party service providers to give us the most accurate and reliable information. Other websites and publications may use different sources and may have differing information.
If you believe that a player is missing from our list, please send us a link which says that the particular player is part of the official squad. Our experts will verify this information and, if needed, take the required action.

13. How do I get player wise historical statistics, this may help deciding my fantasy team?

Click on “i” (information) icon against the player to get respective statistics; alternatively, users can select “historical stats” from the drop-down menu.

14. Can I create different teams for multiple entries into one contest?

No, you are allowed to participate only once in a contest. However, you may join as many contests as you like for a particular match. Portal offers an array of contests for every match.

15. Can I join multiple contest for the same match?

Yes, surely you can join as many contests you like for a match.

16. Can I edit/modify my team after registering for a contest?

Yes, ofcourse; kindly click on “edit” action button against the contest (this “edit” button shall disappear once the remaining joining time for the contest elapses) in “My Contest” view at the portal.

17. When I make changes in the Fantasy Cricket Team – how long does it take for the change to reflect?

Any changes you make to your team are instant! But changes are allowed only until the timer on the portal elapses for the match.

18. Can I de-register myself from a contest, after joining one?

No, once registered for a contest, you are not allowed to cancel the registration.

19. What are contest wise scoring parameters and point system?

Point scoring system is available in “how to play” section at the portal, where this has been detailed for each league/contest type.

20. How to monitor/know my team’s performance during the course of a live match, and its current rankings?

Please visit “My Contest”, select the contest with status as “Live”, click on “view” button under “Action”; you will be taken to a live score page for the contest, where you could watch ball by ball action, how your team and players perform.

21. Do I have to refresh/re-load live contest page for updating my team score?

No, the live contest refreshes automatically, you don’t have to reload/refresh again and again.

22. Where do I see the leader board?

By clicking on “view” action button against a contest in “My Contest” view; For the contests with status as completed, at the bottom of the page, user can view the leader board. Users’ name and ranking would be highlighted in the leader board.

23. What is the process to join/opt for Private Contests?

Go to “Join Contest” under “Private Contest” section, search for the contest code that you received, if valid and contest available, you can join the contest.

Technical Issues

1. What is minimum system requirement in order to play?

Our portal has been designed in such a way that you will be able to use it on any device. However, for a better gaming experience, please find below the suggested configuration:
a. Windows XP or higher i.e. 7, 8, 10; 1 GB RAM; Screen resolution 1024×768 pixels; High speed internet connection (recommended 3G and above/ WIFI); Recommended Browser Google
b. Any IOS device
c. Any Android device

2. I was logged out in between a game. Why?

Kindly check your internet connection, as a drop-in internet connectivity may log you out.

3. I am facing trouble while playing on my mobile handset. What do I do?

For superior playing experience we recommend a handset that has minimum 1GB RAM, supported by 3G or 4G or, or you can also opt for a stable and high speed WIFI connection.

4. I seem to have found a bug/issue with the portal, what do I do?

Please do not hesitate, immediately write to us at support@rotobash.com; we constantly strive to improve and provide our users the best fantasy sports experience at our portal.