Rules and Regulations of Fantasy Cricket Game

Rules and regulations

In addition to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, following shall apply to various contests on the portal:

Joining a Contest

  1. Users to register for the contest within the set cut-off time prior to start of the match, remaining time indicated by the timer on the match; user need to be registered or successfully sign-up at the portal to be able to participate in a contest;
  2. User can join only once in a particular contest of a league of a match;
  3. Users can join both in-active and active contest prior to cut-off time; active contests are where the participating users have crossed the minimum team requirements, and inactive where minimum team requirement is yet to be met;

Creating Team

  1. While creating a fantasy team, user has to comply with various criteria on the portal, otherwise user would not be able to complete the team formation process;


  1. User’s registration for a contest gets completed upon successful payment of any applicable entry fee and other fees (if any); user receives an in-app notification confirming such registration and users can also view registered contests in My Contests menu;

View and Edit team

  1. User can view its team for a contest in My Contest view and can edit the team until the time expires for entering that contest. Once a contest entered, User would not be allowed to de-register from that contest;

Play and Win

  1. User can switch players in Max Bash only during the course of the match; users are only allowed to switch players which are yet to bat;
  2. Switching costs may vary during the course of the match;
  3. Substitute option can be exercised only upon completion of the match, available only to the users who opted for such option while registering for the contest, and for the duration indicated by the timer;
  4. In case there are insufficient winners (users able to achieve the set target score) in Fast Score, then remaining winning amounts shall be allocated on pro-rata basis to the declared winners if any. In case, there are no winners at all, then the total winnings amount shall be equally declared between the participating users;
  5. In case of tie of scores, users will be ranked in the chronological order of time stamping of their registration for the contest;

Inactive or abandoned contests

  1. If a contest participated by a user remains inactive, all the paid amounts while registering will be returned to My Wallet of the user;
  2. If a match does not end in a result (excluding for draw) i.e. match is abandoned or aborted, then in such case all the fee amounts paid by the users shall be returned back to the My Wallet of the users;

User Exposure /Caution Notification

  1. For heavy spenders, portal sends out cautionary notifications to the users when their 30-day net spend reaches a certain level set by Rotobash
  2. Rotobash reserves the right to block any irresponsible user, if spending or user losses crosses certain thresholds over a 30-day period